ZCC production workflow ready for the future

Digital Cutting Workflow

Before now digital cutting workflows required any number of manual steps. Looking to the future, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the highest degree of automation will be necessary to produce cost-effectively and remain competitive. Zünd has devoted itself to this topic for years, and complete workflow automation remains our primary objective.

Cut Queue

The Cut Queue offers comprehensive import-/export options and necessary interfaces for communicating with e.g. ERP/CRM/RIP and other software. Take advantage of this open ar chitecture to optimize your production workflow. Compile cost data, generate offers, etc., from a central source! Production-ready jobs are listed and can be further managed in the Cut Queue. The Cut Queue also provides important, job-relevant information such as order numbers, due dates, and material references.

 zcc workflow


How does the Cut Queue help you automate your production workflow?

  • Seamless preparation of cut file from RIP
  • Open jobs with barcode reader
  • Batch processing for automated production of multiple jobs
  • Hotfolders for efficient import of jobs with repeat scenarios
  • Email notification in case of error or r equired user intervention
  • Comprehensive search functions and filter options
  • Standardized user interface for data exchange with ERP/CRM, etc.

The right cutter for every industry


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