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QR-code capture

With QR-code capture, Zünd Cut Center further streamlines the digital production workflow and increases overall productivity by eliminating the need for retrieving cut files with a handheld barcode scanner. No matter the sequence in which jobs are loaded onto the cutting table - manually or with an automated device - or how the graphics are nested, the ICC camera captures the QR code embedded in each job and lets the system instantaneously retrieve the correct file for processing.

The information retrieved via QR-code capture also includes tooling specifications, which makes it possible to seamlessly switch processing methods from one job to the next. In tandem production workflows, for instance, the Zünd cutter can be set up to e.g. route acrylic on one side of the machine, while cutting/creasing corrugated board on the other. Without any interruptions for file retrieval or tool changes, production continually shifts back and forth for 100% non-stop productivity.


Cut path optimization

Take advantage of ZCC‘s automatic cut-order optimization: The software automatically makes adjustments to the cut paths to achieve the fastest-possible production time. Starting points and cut direction are automatically selected to minimize travel distances with the raised tool.


Simultaneous job preparation

With ZCC, you can prepare jobs while the cutter is producing. Several Cut Centers can be open at the same time for assigning methods, tools, or job processes.



Overcut compensation

Optimize cut quality with the new compensation feature in ZCC. Cut paths are adjusted based on material thickness and blade in use.



Batch processing

Use the batch processing option to select multiple jobs in the Cut Queue for processing in the assigned order. For example, select a number of jobs in the evening, and have the cutter produce them overnight.



E-Mail notification

Set up the required tooling, start the job and let the cutter run! If anything requires operator intervention, you will be notified by email.



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