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Tandem operation

In this type of tandem or “pendulum” production, loading/unloading occurs on one side, while cutting continues without interruption on the other. This setup increases workflow efficiency, keeps idle time to a minimum and maximizes throughput. With a tandem setup, the cutting surface is divided into two independently controllable vacuum areas, front and back. Each side is equipped with controls for turning the vacuum on/off and resuming production. Once material is placed in the working area, push the button to re-activate the vacuum and processing continues.

Advantages at a glance

  • Saves time, increases productivity
  • Reduces idle time to a minimum
  • Simple, ergonomic operation
  • Vacuum width adjustable across entire working area on either side
  • Available for cutter sizes: M-2500, L-2500, L-3200, XL-3200, 2XL-3200, 3XL-2500, 3XL-3200

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Product information

Tandem Vacuum System (882 kb)