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Sheet feeder

High productivity and reliable automated material handling... turn your Zünd cutter into a fully automated production system! Sheets of vinyl, carton or other dense paper goods are picked up with vacuum grippers and transferred from the loading table to the cutting surface. After processing, the cutter advances the cut materials and waste onto an off-load table. This fully automated workflow gives you the necessary tools for completing even big jobs quickly and efficiently.

Advantages at a glance

  • High productivity 
  • Perfect for large jobs, higher volumes
  • Reliable, automated loading process
  • Off-load table available for collecting cut parts/waste


  • Max. sheet size:
    M-800: 830 x 1330 mm / 32.5" x 52.4"
    M-1200: 1230 x 1330 mm / 48.5" x 52.4"
    M-1600: 1630 x 1330 mm / 64" x 52.4"
  • Stack height up to 200 mm/7.5"
  • Max. thickness: 5 mm / 3/16"
  • Compatible with S3 M-Line

Product information

Sheet feeder (240 kb)